Corinne Cox grew up in Birmingham in a wonderfully creative family. She moved to Atlanta after earning a BA in Communication Arts from Florida State University. Corinne attended and later taught at Portfolio Center, a professional advertising/design school  in Atlanta. Her design career includes work in graphic design studios and advertising in full time positions and freelancing for more than 15 years in the Atlanta area. 

    Corinne moved to San Francisco where she continued doing graphics along with taking fine art classes in ceramics, painting and photography for more than a decade while she lived there.   

    Today Corinne has her own kilns and fires in a barn at her home in Wedowee, Alabama. She makes whimsical clay sculptures of her dogs, her cats, birds, reptiles and imaginary creatures with colorful glazes that are Raku fired. She also enjoys making masks and sculptures she calls Spinning Heads. Each sculptural head starts from a mold of her face and she claims “there’s a little Corinne in every piece”.         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.